A Year in a Life Blog Post 2

Join the Teacher Excellence Team as we follow two Dallas ISD teachers throughout the 2018-2019 school year. We will highlight their challenges, celebrate successes, and walk with them as they support our students. Please visit regularly for updates on their journey.

Jennifer Belchi-Segura, 5th Grade Dual Language Math Teacher at TAG in Pleasant Grove

I am growing myself professionally by taking everything we discuss during PLCs and applying it in my daily practice. During our PLCs, we analyze student data and take the appropriate decisions to re-mediate and reteach. We script our reteach lesson and role play with our administrators and peers, so we are fully prepared for our lesson. I take feedback from my evaluators and peers and make the appropriate adjustments before the lesson. Feedback is something I really appreciate and ask for because as an educator I want to do what is most effective for my students, so I take feedback in a constructive way and make changes to better my teaching practice.

Also, the Math content department attends CILT training sessions, brings the knowledge to the school and discusses academic decisions that affect the school. We discuss what the best practices are, try to be courageous and grow ourselves and others with the decisions we take. We also evaluate best practices (such as aggressive monitoring from Paul Bambrick), and provide feedback for future staff PDs. Lastly, we elaborate routines and procedures and model them in PDs, make decisions for appropriate instructional resources to use, and much more.

I really appreciate that the district is bringing back CILT, I think it is a great opportunity to grow as a leader. However, I believe our training sessions should be more oriented to creating a direct impact in the instruction of content teachers.

Click here to watch Ms. Belchi-Segura teach a lesson!