A Year in a Life Blog Post 3

Join the Teacher Excellence Team as we follow two Dallas ISD teachers throughout the 2018-2019 school year. We will highlight their challenges, celebrate successes, and walk with them as they support our students. Please visit regularly for updates on their journey.

Jennifer Belchi-Segura, 5th Grade Dual Language Math Teacher at TAG in Pleasant Grove

I am preparing my fifth-grade students to take the Math STAAR test. All my students know and are aware of the importance of this test. I keep on telling them that STAAR test is the final marathon we have been training for throughout the school year.

Some students get anxiety about the test that is why we use relaxation techniques, I teach them to stretch during the test, take breaks when necessary and I teach them breathing techniques every morning, so they know what to do if they get overwhelmed. I also teach them how to manage their time wisely and to make sure they save some time to review and make sure they bubbled right. That also helps my students be more calm and confident.

All my students keep track of their progress using a personal data tracker. All my students are able to address their strengths and weaknesses. Having conversations about their data is extremely important so we know which areas to target and which areas they are strong in.

I use aggressive monitoring to help me identify areas where my students struggle and address them right then and there. I write my students individualized and personalized cards with all the progress they have made to keep them motivated.

I am really excited about starting my masters degree this summer with SMU to grow as a leader and to be able to inspire more students across the district.

Click here to watch Ms. Belchi-Segura teach a lesson!